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Oxidative Stress
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    Oxidized Lipid Assay
Isoprostane levels are widely used for assessment of oxidative stress. Our isoprostane ELISAs have been developed
and extensively validated to provide the optimal quantification of in vivo isoprostane production. We also offer a low
cost, easy-to-assay kit (FR 22) that quantifies both 4-HNE or Malondialdehyde, both of which are established biomarkers
for oxidative stress.
Catalog No.
  Isoprostane 15F2t ELISA Kit
EA 84
  Urinary Isoprostane 15F2t ELISA Kit
EA 85
  Creatinine Assay Kit
CR 01
  Microplate Lipid Peroxidation Assay Kit
FR 22
  13(S)-HODE EIA Assay Kit
EA 81
  9(+/1)-HODE EIA Assay Kit
EA 80
   Oxidized Proteins: Reagents & Kits
Oxidative protein modifications are implicated in the pathology of multiple diseases and may be involved in cellular redox
signaling. Formation of protein carbony1 groups is orders of magnitude greater than other oxidative protein modifications,
so our regents and assay kits provide the best sensitivity for this key biomarker of protein oxidation. Our Nitrotyrosine (NT)
ELISA kit measures NT in biological specimens without interference from free NT. The purified anti-NT is useful for WB and
IHC. Initial products of ROS and protein reactions have a short half-life, making identification difficult. Immuno-spin Trapping
with DMPO followed by detection with anti-DNP is invaluable for detecting proteins following radical attack.
Catalog No.
  Protein Carbonyl Western Blotting Kit
PC 75
  Quantitative Protein Carbonyl ELISA Kit
PC 85
  Protein Carbonyl Immunoaffinity Resin
PC 82
  Protein Carbonyl Immunoaffinity Isoaltion Spin Column Kit
PC 80
  Anti-3-Nitrotyrosine, Affinity Purified IgG
NT 55
  3-Nitrotyrosine Immunoaffinity Resin
NT 32
  Protein Nitrotyrosine Immunoaffinity Isolation Spin Column Kit
NT 30
  Quantitive 3-Nitrotyrosine ELISA Kit
NT 70
  Immuno-Spin Trapping Western Blotting Kit
EA 84
   Oxidative DNA Damage Assay kits
Catalog No.
  Anti-Malonaldehyde-Deoxyguanosine Adduct Monoclonal, 100ug
M 10
  8-Hydroxy-2'-Deoxyguanosine Ummunoassay Kit
FR 08
  Aldehyde Reactive Probe Analysis of AP Sites of DNA Damge
FR 09
    Antioxidant Activity Assays
Given the multiplicity of antioxidant pathways it is important to be able to quantitatively measure the total antioxidant capacity or antioxidant power with biological specimens.
Catalog No.
  Total Antioxidant Power Colorimetric Microplate Assay Kit
TA 01
  Oxygen Radical Antioxidant Capacity (ORAC)
TA 20
  Hydroxyl Radical Antioxidant Capacity (HORAC)
TA 30
    Assays for Oxidized and Reduced Glutathione
Glutathione is a naturally occurring tripeptide that is crucial to a variety of life processes, including the removal of hydroperoxides and free radicals.
Catalog No.
  Glutathione Colorimetric Microplate Assay Kit
GT 10
  Total Glutathione Microplate Assay Kit
GT 20
  GSH/GSSG Microplate Assay Kit
GT 40
   Assays for Enzymes Involved in Regulation of Redox Status
Regulatory enzymes are vital to the maintenance of oxidant status. The assay kits listed below permit rapid and reliable quantification of key enzymes involved in redox regulation.
Catalog No.
  Human Plasma Glutathione Peroxidase ELISA Kit
FR 16
  Glutathione Peroxidase Assay Kit
FR 17
  Glutathione Reductase Assay Kit
FR 19
  Superoxide Dismutase Assay Kit
FR 10
  Myeloperoxidase (Human)Assay Kit
FR 14
  Human Plasma Lactoferrin Kit
FR 18
  Catalase Activity Assay Kit
FR 20
    Functional Genomic Responses to Oxidative Stress
We offer reagents and assay kits for the quantitative detection of cellular responses to stress, ranging from transcriptional activation to cytotoxicity. Our chemiluminescent assay for NF-kB activation is the most sensitive kit available and the only one that incorporates a recombinant standard for precise quantification.
Catalog No.
  Chemiluminescent NF-κB ELISA kit
TF 01
  Colorimetric NF-κB ELISA kit
TF 02
  Grp 75 Standard
GR 01
  Anti-Grp 75 (Amino Terminal Fragment)
GR 02
  Anti-Grp 75 (Carboxy Terminal Fragment)
GR 03
  Colorimetric Cytotoxicity Assay Kit
GR 03
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